"Gaining Ground is a warm and wonderful film that journeys into the future of food and agriculture. This is the kind of media we need as we help students—and ourselves—imagine local, organic food systems and a future free of fossil fuels. Hopeful, critical and poetic, Gaining Ground is rich with teaching possibilities — from middle school through university."
                                                   Bill Bigelow
                                               Curriculum Editor, Rethinking Schools

“Offering rich and authentic insights into the challenges, opportunities, and journeys of farmers and community activists growing food as a vehicle for creating social change, the film offers an in-depth examination of important issues. I recommend this excellent teaching tool for anthropology, ethnic studies, small farms, and food justice programs in high school through graduate level university courses.”
                                                   Eric T. Jones, Ph.D.
                                              Assistant Professor – Anthropology, Oregon State University

"While there are many documentaries about farmers struggling against all odds to grow sustainable GMO-free, pesticide-free produce and grains for their own communities, few truly show the sweep of organic farming in various rural and urban situations, or make a case for sustainable farming as a class/racial/educational issue with transformative potential… A powerful documentary on a timely topic, this is highly recommended.”
                                                    Video Librarian