GAINING GROUND is a documentary about growing food as a vehicle to empower communities and change lives. The film shows the connection between family farmers rejecting big ag and urban activists defying the control of big oil in their community.


GAINING GROUND interweaves three stories that demonstrate what inspires people to make ethical choices that serve their communities and better the planet.

♦ Activists living in the shadow of the Chevron Refinery in Richmond, California, struggle to transform corners of Richmond, California’s inner city food desert into vibrant community gardens and opportunities for growth

♦ A family on the verge of losing their dairy farm in rural Oregon, finds a new direction growing produce for their local community

♦ The determined wife of the largest grass seed farmer in the Willamette Valley, convinces her husband to grow organic grains.


GAINING GROUND explores the devastating effects of the 2012 Chevron Richmond Refinery fire on an urban farming program in Richmond and the impacts of the discovery of GMO wheat in Eastern Oregon on the farmers in Oregon. While the film is sober about the obstacles to creating change, it points the way toward hope.

GAINING GROUND is available on DVD for individual, academic and library use

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